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The Company has been created for the principal purpose of commercializing the utilization of a particular and unique type of stemcell (termed “VSELs”, which is an acronym for Very Small Embryonic-Like Stem cells) as well as for positively exploiting certain identification, isolation, gathering, sifting and cell-multiplying technologies and techniques relating thereto (collectively, these sifting and cell-multiplying technologies and techniques are referred to as
the Company's “Proprietary Processes”).

VSELs, unlike other stem cells, are completely pluripotent, which means that they can be cultivated and programmed to become any type of tissue existent within the human body. Just think of the limitless possibilities...

More About VSELs

VSELs are unique amongst stemcells categorically because they are pluripotent, meaning that these “blank slate” cells can be cultured, programmed or stimulated to develop into virtually any type of cell naturally occurring in the human body. These VSELs can literally be made to “take on” and assume the characteristics of a wide variety of specialized cells present in adult tissues and organs. They [VSELs] may very well be the true key to such revolutionary possibilities as: organ replacement and regeneration; treatments or cures for cancer and other diseases; wound healing and restorative cosmetology; genetic engineering; cloning; and anti-aging and life extension.

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