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The Company’s technology and Proprietary Processes all relate to the commercialization of a rare and pluripotent type of stem cell (called a VSEL, an acronym for “Very Small Embryo-Like Stem Cell”) which can be used to duplicate virtually any type of Human organ tissue, such as the liver, kidney, pancreas and skin. There are tremendous implications for transplant medicine, cancer protocols, cosmetology and anti-aging. The Company will revolutionize the practice of medicine and healthcare beyond any breakthrough in the last millennium.
NOTE: Our website is currently being renovated to reflect the Company’s status and advances.

Importantly, unlike other types of highly controversial and hotly-contested publicized approaches to harvesting other types of stemcells (i.e., through aborted human fetuses) with less plasticity, VSELs can be (and have been) successfully and safely identified, isolated, harvested and cultured from umbilical cord blood and from adult bone marrow tissue.

These Proprietary Processes for highly cost-effective, rapid large-scale multiplication of VSELs are envisioned to be an essential, pivotal component of the Company's success. The potentialmedical, cosmetic, anti-aging and longevity applications of VSELs are truly as revolutionary asthey are enormous. The Company's Management believes that the coming “VSELs” revolution will easily rival such other game-changing breakthroughs as those in 3D Printing and Artificial Intelligence (“AI”).

As our company is evolving, we are always looking for those who'd like to work with new projects and new technologies dealing with our break-through innovations that can provide for new opportunities and new possibilities in the commercial application of stemcell technologies. Whether you have a hospital, clinic, research facility or if you are a pharmaceutical company or a potential investor, we are open to collaborations on certain projects that can possibly change the world of healthcare for the best.

The potential multi-application marketplace for VSELs-based technology worldwide has been estimated anecdotally to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, but the true size and scope of the
market is probably far greater. The applications for VSELs-based products, formulations, treatments
and procedures will be enormous.

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